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Palma, Majorca
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Located on the port island of Majorca, Palma is considered to be the capital city of the autonomous Balearic Islands. A short ride on the ferry from Alicante, the city of Palma has an population of around 376,000 citizens and its Son Sant Joan airport is one of the busiest in Europe. Home to the Marivent Palace which was given to Prince Juan Carlos of Spain, it is now where the Spanish royals choose to spend their summer holidays.

As you fly into Palma's Son Sant Joan Airport it's hard to miss the spectacular landmark of the Seo Cathedral which is just as impressive from the air as it is from the ground.
Back on solid ground you'll know your holiday has began when you step from the airplane's air conditioned cabin into the glorious Mediterranean weather. Palma itself is short journey from the airport, but for those with a lot of baggage it is recommended that you pick up your hire car from the airport.

The historic island of Majorca (also known as Mallorca) is famous for its night life but has many other things on offer for its visitors. With its old Roman quarter its not uncommon for local residents to find old artifacts less then a metre deep in their back gardens.

Built in 1230 and only finished in 1601 the Seo Cathedral (with its French Gothic styling) was the child of Jaime 1st, who swore to the heavens that he would build this monument to the Virgin Mary in return for safe passage through a raging sea storm.
Although it's bell tower stands 52 meters tall, it remains the only part of this fine cathedral never finished. Needing repairs after surviving an earthquake in 1851, this remains one part of the island that any fans of great architecture must see. It's hard not be be impressed by its detailed columns and grand suspended decorative work; It's smaller royal chapel is easily the size of a church in itself.

Beaches are always a key part to any holiday, offering a great place to relax in the sun and read a book. A hire car is a great way to get about, and almost essential, as even though Palma is situated in a grand bay, it offers very little in the way of beaches within the city limits. The best beaches are 4 miles either side of Palma either in C'an Pastilla or Cala Mayor although its recommended that you talk to some of the locals or explore to find some of the best beaches, as the island offers many secluded and hidden coves ideal for winding down.

For those looking to party, Palma offers a vibrant nightlife with something to suit every mood. It's a common misconception due to its location, that Palma's nightlife consists of the stereotypical loud karaoke bars and foam parties, but this isn't the case as Palma plays host to the islands more civilized social areas. Those searching for this kind of night out should take their hire car on a journey to the more neon lit areas of Magaluf or Palma Nova.

If your looking to hit the bars and clubs of Palma however you will have no trouble finding an activity with a pace to suit, whether it be taking advantage of one of the many bars to sit and watch the world go by or maybe looking for somewhere to let your hair down and dance. If this is the case, then Palma's night clubs have music to suit most party-goers. Palma also plays host to a few casinos for those looking to try their luck. You'll be hard pushed to be disappointed with a night out in this town!

Palma is no stranger to wealthier visitors, but this doesn't mean its an expensive town. Many find it very reasonable and your money can go a long way. If you find yourself with heavy pockets though there are plenty of great shopping areas to spend some of your hard earned money. With many fashionable designer clothing shops being among the cheapest in Europe, its something that visitors feel more then happy to take advantage of!



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