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Corfu, Greece
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The island of Corfu (in Greek - Kerkyra), is situated off the West Coast of Greece near the Italian mainland . The northern part of the island lies off the coast of Sarandë , Albania, while its southern part lies off the coast of Thesprotia, Corfu has a breath ranging from 3 to 23 km (2 to 15 miles ).
As the second largest of Greece’s Ionian islands and one of the more beautiful, it is an excellent holiday maker’s destination with it’s mild Mediterranean climate together with superb beaches.

Corfu was described by ancient Greek writer Homer as a ‘beautiful and rich land’ due to it’s lush vegetation. It is incredibly green in comparison to other Greek islands thanks to it’s hot and dry summers combined with winter rain and boasts many cypress trees, wildflowers and over two million olive trees. Olive cultivation along with prospering tourism provides the main income for the island.
The north of the island is wide and mountainous with well developed coastal areas and pebble beaches, the south of the island however is less wide from east to west and has beautiful sandy beaches.

The Town of Corfu
The most important town on the island is also named Corfu, on the east coast. This is where the airport is situated and the main dock for cruise ships and long distance ferries. It is a popular tourist destination, thanks to it’s interesting history and architecture. Corfu was controlled by the Venetians for centuries and was also influenced by the British, the Normans, the French, and the Greeks and Romans. These cultural influences are, even today, very apparent in the town’s architecture.
With a population of around 30,000, Corfu town is the largest city on the island and is very cosmopolitan in comparison to other Greek islands with it’s tavernas, bars, clubs and many shops, resembling that of an Italian city . Corfu town also has a beautiful ‘old city’ situated between two ancient fortresses, (the town was constructed with the purpose of defending itself).

Art and Architechture
For the art-lover, the Theatre of San Giacomo in Corfu town is a must-see location. It dates back to 1663 when it’s first foundations were laid, built entirely of stone, influenced by the Italian Renaissance period. For those interested in sport, a trip to the French-built esplanade or Spianada, should be on the agenda, where on the weekend, locals compete in their regular cricket matches - the only place in Greece where the game is played.
Corfu town also has several interesting museums, such as The Archaeological Museum built between 1962 - 1965 exhibiting material from theArchaic, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman Periods, The Byzantine Museum, believed to be built in the 15th Century and housed in the Church of Panagia Antivouniotissa, and also The Museum of Asian Art. You can visit the first university in Greece, The Ionian Academy, founded around 1808 by Frederick North, 5th Earl of Guildford. The building has now been restored after 2nd World War Luftwaffe bombings in 1943.

Along the coast
Other places of interest include Paleokastritsa (or ‘Paleo’ to foreigners), a popular location on the north-west coast, with a vast number of hotels. The original village of Paleo is very small and is surrounded by high hills and cliffs adorned by olive, fir and cypress trees. There are several beaches here and one can also enjoy an amazing boat ride taking usually about half an hour, exploring caves, known as ‘Blue Grottoes’ which can only be accessed by sea. The trip costing around 8-10 Euros per person.
Possibly the most impressive landmark in Paleokastritsa is the Monastery, known as the Theotokos Monastery. This whitewashed 13th Century building stands beautiful, high above the beaches on a rocky promontory and is still home to several monks. Inside there are many impressive paintings and wood carvings however the Monastery’s paved gardens, bearing a variety of exquisite flowers such as bougainvillea, geraniums, marigolds and vines. Tourists can visit the monastery for a small price and see the monk’s living cells and purchase specially made wine and oil made by the monks themselves.

If you have a hire car pre booked and are thinking about short excursions, you could chose to visit Corfu’s Angel castle, close to the town of Krini, also dating back to the 13th Century, or the magnificent Achillion Palace, built in 1890 exclusively for Elizabeth, the then Empress of Austria, located in the picturesque village of Gastouri.

Beutiful Beaches

If the purpose of one’s stay in Corfu is to relax, then Corfu’s excellent beaches, such as the Agios Spyridon beach in Paleokastrista or Barbati beach, 20 Kilometres north of Corfu Town (although a pebble beach) it has been awarded a European blue flag for it’s cleanliness and waters.

Weather and Climate
Corfu is the most northern of the Greek islands and therefore has a climate different from the rest of Greece. In winter, Corfu has a mild climate with high levels of rainfall. In Summer, there is glorious sunshine to enjoy but the temperature never exceeds more than 39 degrees Celsius and is generally cooler than the rest of Greece.


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